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Textile puppets by custom designs – for puppet masters, ventriloquists, theatres, film & tv


Gallery 3 - ventriloquist puppets / soft puppets

Reich-Tsatsiki (look-alike)

for my own use

Udo the panic dwarf

(look-alike) - for my own use


for my own use


for my own use

Storyteller H.C. Andersen

customer order

Gloomy old man

customer order

„Rudi the Rat“

for my own use

Talking toiletbrush

customer order

stock foto J. Müller              

Frog - customer order

Snail „Zora“

(the snail is eating a piece of lettuce ) - for my own use

Soothsayer (blinking eyelids)

customer order

Caterpillar (blinking eyelids)

customer order

Mascot / ventriloquist puppet - customer order

Foto: Peter Porst, Eltville

Foto Fritz Fey, TFM

(look-alike) MiniMax

customer order

Chico Gonzales 

„Chico in the guitar“ - customer order


Ufo  (ø = 55 cm) with „Monockel I“ (the eye can turnes arround) - for my own use

Master of the fancy cakes (ø = 42 cm)

(blinking eyelids) - for my own use

Head „Jaco the Cook“ (blinking eyelids) - customer order

„Frau zu Gutberg“- customer order

Guardian angel „Johnny Walker“ (blinking eyelids) - for my own use

„Ratfink“ (blinking eyelids) - customer order

Raven „Fotolulu“ (blinking eyelids) - customer order


Gila Agata


Gila Agata

High heels - l= 16 cm - customer order

Grashopper „Fiddle Gastro“ - for my own use

(look alike) figure head „ER“ customer order

Teaser - The ER Show

„Monockel II“ (h = 51 cm), (the body can turnes at the belt line, the eye can turnes arround) - customer order

Brownie „Pumpel“  (h = 50 cm) (idea and sketches by customer) - customer order

Puppet theatre „ Mice boxing“ (rod puppets),  (boxing ring b = 45 cm)

„Mini-Dittsche“ (look alike-figure, h = 100 cm) - customer order

Grandma B. (h = 93 cm) - customer order

Mermaid (h = 125 cm) - for my own use

Diva (life size) - customer order