puppet building
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Textile puppets by custom designs – for puppet masters, ventriloquists, theatres, film & tv


puppet building

The head of the soft-puppet , one of the most important parts of your puppet, is created in the

described manner , a time-swal-lowing phase of puppet-creation.

It took many hours of work until the vampire Count Reich-Tsatsiki was completely finished with clothing.

To create a unique individual figure / puppet / ventriloquist puppet a number of specifications are to be framed:

- visual appearance / character / height

- field of application

- surface structure / skin texture

- fabric of -/ kind of clothing

After  the first scetches the visual character is set, followed by the careful selection of fabrics / material – for the puppets body itself and for the garments.

When head , body and limbs are crafted from foam, the puppet is then covered with your fabric of choice – like jersey , fleece or

We can create puppets by your designs or wishes but also eagerly develope characters for our customers.

The Count , Udo Panikzwerg, the she-devil and the spook were

created by us..

terry cloth before smaller details like eyes , teeth and hair. The teeth are made out of bone or synthetic resin.

The puppet itself is completed by the color finish , applied to the hands and face before the final step.  The garments are hand-crafted for this one puppet.

After applying the clothes, your puppet – every one a unique piece of craftsmanship -  is ready for its appearance on the stage or infront of the camera !